Video Box Generator - 610 Series & 620B (DISCONTINUED)

The Model 610G and 610GR Video Box Generator superimpose a video box outline, of adjustable size and position, onto a real-time video signal. The outline can be continuously varied from black to white and turned on or off. For control of the box's size and position, the Model 610G Video Box Generator provides front panel H-size, H-position, V-size, and V-position controls while the Model 610GR Video Box Generator provides a DB-9 port with corresponding input pins. Size controls effect the box symmetrically.

The loop-through input with two connectors allows connection of both a video source and a destination to the input. For instance, a camera can be connected to one of the Model 619's input connectors and a monitor to the other. In this way, the video image can be observed directly as it comes from the camera (without the box) via the loop-through input, while the image with the superimposed box outline is present at the Model 610G's Video Box Generator output.

Power input requirement is 6-12 VAC at about 150 mA. An AC adapter is included. The adapter is UL listed for safety and isolates the model 610G from ground in order to avoid interference inducing ground-loops.

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A Video Box Generator is useful for alignment, highlighting, and quality control applications. The box outline, superimposed in a video image, can serve as a useful reference for checking both the position and size of objects within a video camera's field of view. A front panel switch selects a display of either a white or black cross-hair pattern in order to accommodate subjects of different brightness.


All Units: Video Box Generator
    Adjustable Pattern Intensity: White, through Gray, to Black
    Hi-Z Loop-thru input
    S-Video Optional (Composite Standard)
    9 VAC Power Standard, 120 VAC Adapter Included where appropriate
    Video Box Generator

Model 610G: Video Box Generator
    Adjustable Box Position
    Symmetrically Adjustable Box Size

       Video Box Generator

Model 610GR: Video Box Generator
    Box Size & Position Controlled by External DC Voltages

Video Box Generator - Model 620-B & 620A-B
    Box with adjustable sides

Video Crosshair & Crossline Generator - Model 619

Video Crosshair & Crossline Generator - Model 620

PDF Data Specifications Online Ordering & Prices
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