Video Detector, Detect Video Luminance
       Model 630 (DISCONTINUED)

The Video Detector for video analysis, automatically can detect video luminance values that exceed desired maximum or minimum values within a window of adjustable size and position.

The Model 630 Video Detector uses two signal level slicers. One slicer detects objects within the window that are brighter than an adjustable level. The other slicer detects objects that are darker than a similarly adjustable level. Objects outside the desired luminance limits are highlighted in the picture and will cause an LED to light. "Alarm" outputs are operated by both slicers. One, or the other, or both slicers can be operated at any given time.

A filter can be switched on to cause the Model 630 to respond only to rapid changes in the window. The filter will cause gradual changes to be ignored.

The unit has a loop-through input so that a monitor can be connected directly to the signal at the input. This feature allows viewing of both the unprocessed video picture and the sliced picture simultaneously.


Automated Surveillance
Any change occuring within the widowed area of a video picture can be detected by the Model 630 Video Detector, which can then sound an alarm. The amount of change required for the alarm to sound is adjustable.

Conveyer Belt Separation Monitoring
In combination with a camera focused on a backlit conveyer belt, the Model 630 Video Detector can automatically monitor for holes, tears, or cracks in the belt.


    Displays normal picture, object that exceed limits only, or both
    Detect video luminance values that are too low, too high, or both
    Detection Window is adjustable in size and position
Video Detector, Detect Video Luminance

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