Video Crosshatch Overlay Generator - Model 622

This item is for NTSC video only.

The Model 622 Video Crosshatch Generator superimposes a pattern of equally spaced horizontal and vertical parallel lines onto a real-time NTSC video picture in a grid pattern. Horizontal lines can number from 1 to 11 and vertical lines from 0 to 15. The grid's position is fully adjustable, horizontally and vertically. Lines can be displayed as black, white, or off.

Superimpose a grid of parallel lines onto realtime NTSC Video Overlay a crosshatch pattern onto composite video
  • Superimpose between 0 to 15 Vertical and 0 to 11 Horizontal Equidistant Parallel Lines
          for NTSC Composite Video.
  • Select White, Black, or Off Pattern.
  • Grid Pattern Position Fully Adjustable.

  • Composite Video Multi Line Generator

    Power input requirement is 5 Volts DC at about 900 mA. An AC adapter is included for units shipped within North America. The adapter is UL listed for safety and isolates the Model 622 from ground in order to avoid interference inducing ground-loops.

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