Video Demultiplexer, Video Separator - 2-Channel
       Model 497-2C

The Model 497-2C Video Demultiplexer (2 channel), or Video Channel Separator, doubles the transmission capacity of a conventional video channel by separating two NTSC or PAL video signals out of one multiplexed video signal. Install the Video Demultiplexer at the receive end of the channel to demultiplex video signals from the Video Multiplexer Model 496-2C at the transmit-end of the channel. The multiplexed signal can also be recorded using conventional equipment and then played back for demultiplexing through 497-2C Demultiplexer. Video inputs to the Video Signal Demultiplexer from analog tape must be time base corrected.


Model Description PriceAdd to Cart
496-2C Video Multiplexer, Half H Resolution
$675.00 Buy 496-2C
497-2C Video Demultiplexer, Half H Resolution
$695.00 Buy 497-2C
496-2CF Video Multiplexer, Half Frame Rate
$675.00 Buy 496-2CF
497-2CF Video Demultiplexer, Half Frame Rate
$695.00 Buy 497-2CF
Option "12": 12VDC Power Input (normally 5VDC)
$60.00 Buy Option 12
Option "S" S-Video option for any model
$60.00 Buy Option S
Option "RM" Rack Mount installed on any model
$75.00 Buy Option RM
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