Video False Colorizer & Video Color Synthesizer
       Model 606S

Video False Colorizer, Video Color Synthesizer The Video False Colorizer & Video Color Synthesizer, synthesizes an NTSC color video signal based on shades of gray in a real-time monochrome video input signal. The user can colorize infrared pictures or images, making features easier to see, and making monochrome data more interesting. Common uses for this technique include adding color to monochrome satellite images or thermal (IR) images in order to make features more easily discernable. This unit also provides a freeze function.

With the Video False Colorizer & Video Color Synthesizer, color is "mapped" onto the monochrome input based on its amplitude (intensity). Normally, as brightness increases, color will progress from blue, to cyan, green, yellow, red, and then magenta. The direction of the color map can be reversed with the flip of a switch. A multifunction knob also allows the phase (hue) of the color to be rotated with respect to the amplitude of the monochrome input. This knob can also control the amount of the monochrome input (intensity) and the amount of false color (saturation) present at the output. The user can also turn on and off a legend, presented on the left side of the screen, showing the resulting output as it progresses from dark to bright.


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606S Video Colorizer in Black ABS Case
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606 Video Colorizer in Painted Aluminum Chassis
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606/opt-RM Rack Mounted Model 606
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