HDMI High Definition Electronic Video Mirror, Video Scan Reverser, Video Image Rotator
- Model DD4228

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  • Simulate a Rear View Mirror
  • Compensate for Ceiling Mounted Cameras
  • Reverse Endoscopic Images
  • Correct Reversed Images from Video Inspection Systems
  • Correct Image Reversal caused by Film Camera Adapter Lenses
  • Correct Optical Reversal
  • Correct Telescope Image Reversal
  • Dental Camera System
  • Flip upside down video display or monitor
  • Rotate, Reverse, Flip HDMI Video
  • Correct upside down or backwards video image
  • Selectable Output Resolution
  • Audio Volume Conttrol
  • Separate R, G, and B Gain Controls

Colorado Video's real-time Electronic HDMI Video Mirror and Scan Reverser electronically reverses (left to right), flips (top to bottom), and/or rotates 180 the video image or picture from a HDMI high definition video source so as to create a mirroring, flipped, or rotated effect. This can be called a video mirror image effect. Video image reversal, correction or rotation occurs in real-time with roughly a single frame of processing delay. Control is also provided for audio volume. Output resolution is selectable, independent of the input resolution. R, G, and B levels are independently adjustable.

By Mirroring or flipping a video image, left to right, or top to bottom, the user can correct for ceiling mounted cameras, or for mirroring optics as in a teleprompter, telescope, laporoscope, or borescope.

When connecting the DD4228 HDMI Video Scan Reserver to an DVI device, we recommend using a 6 foot Male DVI to Male HDMI Cable or Adapter.

Although it will not alter the selected output format, this unit may reduce the effective picture resolution in its top/bottom flip and rotate 180 modes. For applications where such reduction is not acceptable, use the Model DD422CS Video Scan Reverser to preserver your picture's full resolution.

Demonstration Video

This video demonstrates Colorado Video's Standard Definition Video Mirrors and Scan Reversers. High Definition models are similar.

Specifications Online Ordering & Prices
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