High Definition
Video Crossline (Cross Line) & Crosshair (Cross Hair) Generator
DVI-D, VGA (Component), or HD-SDI In/DVI Out - 620 Series

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  • Line Striping Highways & Roads
  • Laser Marking & Welding
  • Wafer Sawing & Cutting
  • Component Pick & Place
  • Printing Alignment

Colorado Video's Model 620 Series High Definition HD Video Line Generator can superimpose or overlay horizontal lines and vertical lines onto a real-time Hi-Def video signal. The user can adjust the position of all lines by means of front panel controls. A user can set the superimposed or overlayed lines to a variety of colors or Off, dashed or solid lines, and one or two Horizontal & Vertical line sets. Lines can be shadowed to improve their visibility and their thickness can be adjusted over a wide range.

When connecting the DD620AD High Definition Video Crosshair Generator to an HDMI licensed device, we recommend using a 6 foot Cable or Adapter.


  • Available for DVI-D or VGA (Component RGB or YUV) Video; Specify when ordering
  • Line Color Selectable; White, Black, Red, Green, Cyan, Magenta, Blue, Off
  • Solid or Segmented (dashed) Lines with adjustable segment length
  • Line Thickness Adjustable
  • Line Shadow Adjustable; Optimize for Visibility

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Specifications Online Ordering & Prices

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