High Definition Video Line Generator
DVI (HDMI), VGA (Component), or HD-SDI In/DVI Out - 623 Series

Colorado Video's Model 623 Series slanted, tilted or angled High Definition HD Video Line Generator can superimpose or overlay horizontal lines and tiltable vertical lines onto a real-time Hi-Def video signal. The user can adjust the position of all lines and the tilt, slant, angle or slope of the vertical lines by means of front panel controls. The user can set the angle of the lines to be 45 degrees, or any other line angle desired. A user can set the superimposed or overlayed lines to a variety of colors or Off, dashed or solid lines, and one or two Horizontal & Vertical line sets. Lines can be shadowed to improve their visibility and their thickness can be adjusted over a wide range.


Model Description Price Add to Cart
621 Standard Def Video Line Generator, 2 H and 2 Tiltable V Lines
$795.00 Buy Model CC623CS
Option "S" S-video for 621
$60.00 Buy Option S
Option "M" Switch between Solid or Dashed Lines, for 621 (included on Model 623)
$40.00 Buy Option M
CC623CS VGA (Component) Hi-Def Video Line and Cross Hair Generator

$1099.00 Buy Model CC623CS
DD623CS DVI (HDMI) Hi-Def Video Line and Cross Hair Generator

$1099.00 Buy Model CC623CS
HD623CS HD-SDI Input, DVI Output Hi-Def Video Line and Cross Hair Generator

$1269.00 Buy Model HDC623CS
CE and RoHS CE and RoHS Compliance required by the EU (and some other jurisdictions) for any Model 621 or 623
$45.00 Buy CE and RoHS
STC-HD223 Sentech Full HD 1080p (DVI Cased) STC-HD223 Camera
$495.00 Buy Model STC-HD223
STC-HD93DV HD 720p STC-HD93DV Camera
$679.00 Buy Model STC-HD93DV
DVIM6HDMI Male DVI to Male HDMI Cable, 6 feet
$45.00 Buy Model DVIM6HDMI
DVIMHDMIF Male DVI to Female HDMI Adapter
$18.99 Buy Model DVIM6HDMI

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