Video Mirrors, Video Scan Reversers, Video Image Rotators
Swap Left-Right, Flip Top-Bottom, or Rotate 180°
Model 422 Series

    Available for Progressive and Interlaced Formats up to 1080 P60:
  • DVI-D
  • HDMI (using DVI adapter)
  • VGA
  • TVI (DVI output)
  • AHD (DVI output)
  • HD-SDI (DVI output)
  • NTSC/PAL Standard Definition

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  • Correct Reversed Teleprompter Text
  • Simulate a Rear View Mirror
  • Compensate for Ceiling Mounted Cameras
  • Reverse Endoscopic Images
  • Correct Reversed Images from Video Inspection Systems
  • Correct Image Reversal caused by Film Camera Adapter Lenses
  • Correct Optical Reversal
  • Correct Telescope Image Reversal
  • Dental Camera System
  • Flip, Reverse, Rotate HD-SDI Video and Convert it to DVI
  • Flip, Reverse, Rotate PC (VGA) Video
  • Flip upside down video display or monitor
  • Rotate, Reverse, Flip VGA Video
  • Rotate, Reverse, Flip DVI-D Video
  • Rotate, Reverse, Flip NTSC or PAL Video
  • Correct upside down or backwards video image

Colorado Video's real-time Electronic High Definition and Standard Definition Video Mirrors and Video Scan Reversers electronically reverse (left to right), flip (top to bottom), and/or rotate 180 the video image or picture from a VGA, HD-SDI, DVI, HDMI (with adapter) high definition or NTSC/PAL standard definition video source so as to create a mirroring, flipped, or rotated effect. Video image reversal, correction or rotation occurs in real-time with roughly a single frame of processing delay.

By Mirroring or flipping a video image, left to right, or top to bottom, the user can correct for ceiling mounted cameras, or for mirroring optics as in a teleprompter, telescope, laporoscope, or borescope.

To connect the DD422CS Hi-Def Video Scan Reserver to any HDMI-licensed camera, monitor, or other device, use a use a DVI to HDMI Cable or Adapter.

Demonstration Video

This video demonstrates Colorado Video's Standard Definition Video Mirrors and Scan Reversers.

Specifications Online Ordering & Prices
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