Video inverter
       Model 650

Video Inverter, Invert Video Image The Video Inverter can invert a video image by converting a negative image to a positive, or vice-versa. It can be used to invert video images to create or correct a photographic style negative for real-time video.

The Video Inverter has a loop-through input so that a monitor can be connected directly to the signal at the input. A front-panel switch turns on or off the invert function and a black-level control allows output black-level adjustment when the invert function is on.

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Model: 650: Video Inverter
Function: Inverts Active Raster Portion of Video Signal
Owner's Manual: Manual-650.pdf
Size: 6.9"W x 4.9"L x 2.4"H sloping to 1.4"H
Mounting: Free standing desktop
Power Connector: 2 conductor "mini-phone"
Power Input: 9 VAC(120 VAC Adaptor included where appropriate)
Chassis: Black ABS
Video Input/Output: 1Vp-p, composite, 75 ohm
Options: PAL Video
I/O Connectors: BNC
Controls Invert (switch): Normal/Inverted
Brightness (potentiometer): Sets Black Level for Inverted Output

PDF Data Sheet Description Application Notes Online Ordering & Prices
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