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       Model 308

Now Available for High-Definition!

The Model 308 Video Caliper, Video Micrometer, Video Scaler, Video Based Measurement device, for video image measurement & marking, provides the means to take horizontal and vertical measurements of objects in a real-time video image.

This Video Caliper, Video Micrometer, Video Scaler, Video Based Image Measurement Device is ideal for blood vessel diameter measurement and measuring change in cellular dimension. The unit superimposes two vertical and two horizontal cursors onto the video display. The user can adjust the position of these cursors using front panel controls. There is a set of two controls for each direction, horizontal and vertical. The right-most control sets the distance between the cursors by moving one cursor only. The left control moves both cursors across or up and down the screen while maintaining the distance between them. This arrangement allows dimensional comparison of objects across the image without disturbing the distance between the cursors. A switch selects which dimension is shown on the 4 digit display.

Two scale adjustment controls, one each for horizontal and vertical, calibrate the meter reading for a given distance between the cursors. Calibrations must be made any time the optics or distance between the image sensor and the object under scrutiny change. These controls require a small screw driver for adjustment in order to avoid inadvertent disturbance of the calibration.

The cursors can be set to white, black, or off.

Power input requirement is 9 VAC at about 150 mA. An AC adapter is included. The adapter is UL listed for safety and isolates the model 307 from ground in order to avoid interference inducing ground-loops.

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