Video Inverter - Model 650

Video Inverter, Invert Video Image The Video Inverter converts a negative image to a positive, or vice-versa. It is helpful for determining how a film negative will appear before printing the negative on photographic paper.

The Video Inverter unit has a loop-through input so that a monitor can be connected directly to the signal at the input. This feature allows viewing of both noninverted and inverted images simultaneously. A front-panel switch turns on or off the invert function and a black-level control allows output black-level adjustment when the invert function is on.

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Viewing Photographic Archives
Many photographic archives consist of negatives only. With a Video Inverter, and a properly color-balanced video camera, it's possible to view the negatives as they would appear if printed.

Photographic Processing
With Colorado Video's Video Inverter, you can view a picture from a photographic negative as a positive, before printing.

All Units: Video Inverter
    View positive or negative image by flipping a switch
    Adjustable black level while viewing inverted image
    NTSC or PAL Video (specify when ordering)
Video Inverter, Invert Video Image

Units featuring loop-through input with two input connectors allow connection of both a video source and a destination to the input. For instance, a camera can be connected to one of the Video Inverter's input connectors and a monitor to the other. In this way, the video image can be observed directly as it comes from the camera (without inversion) via the loop-through input, while the inverted image is present at the Inverter's output.

Specifications Application Notes Online Ordering & Prices
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