Video Picture-in-Picture (PIP), Video Inset System,
Video Picture-on-Picture (POP)    -    Model 612GS

The Model 612GS Video Picture-in-Picture (PIP), Video Picture-on-Picture (POP), or Video Inset system places or dissolves one picture within or on another picture. The inset picture's size and position are adjustable and it can be turned off or on, frozen, or selected for full screen display. The 612GS Video Picture-in-Picture has built-in synchronization so that genlocked video sources are not necessary. Video inputs to the 612GS from analog tape must be time base corrected. This is not a video "picture-outside-of-picture" unit.


Model Description Price Add to Cart Video Picture-In-Picture System, Video Picture-on-Picture
612GS Video Picture-In-Picture (PIP), Video Picture-on-Picture (POP) System
$715.00 Buy Model 612S
612GS/opt-S Model 612GS with S-Video
$775.00 Buy Model 612GS/opt-S
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