Video Demultiplexer, Video Separator - 2-Channel
       Model 497-2C

The Model 497-2C Video Demultiplexer (2 channel), or Video Channel Separator, doubles the transmission capacity of a conventional video channel by separating two NTSC or PAL video signals out of one multiplexed video signal. Install the Video Demultiplexer at the receive end of the channel to demultiplex video signals from the Video Multiplexer Model 496-2C at the transmit-end of the channel. The multiplexed signal can also be recorded using conventional equipment and then played back for demultiplexing through 497-2C Demultiplexer. Video inputs to the Video Signal Demultiplexer from analog tape must be time base corrected.

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Two Security / Surveillance Cameras Combined
Pictures from two security cameras can be combined into one signal with our Video Demultiplexer, aleviating the need for pulling a second video cable or employing a second RF radio channel.

Playback Two Video Signals From one Source
Playback two video signals from one multiplexed tape, DVD, or other device source, with our 2-Channel Video Demultiplexer.


Video Demultiplexer, Video Separator - 2 Channel
    NTSC or PAL Color (specify when ordering)
    S-Video or Composite Video (specify when ordering)
    360H x 480V NTSC resolution for each signal
    360H x 580V PAL resolution for each signal
    Aluminum Chassis, Optionally Rack-Mountable
    120 VAC or 240 VAC Power Input
PDF Data Sheet Specifications Online Ordering & Prices
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