Video Enlarger, Video Zoom, Video Magnifier
       Model 425C & 425CS

Video Enlarger, Video Zoom, Video Magnifier Zoom in on video, magnify or enlarge a video image or picture with the Model 425 series. This Electronic Video Enlarger, Video Zoom or Video Magnifier can enlarge or magnify, up to ten times, a selected portion of an NTSC color video picture or image to fill the entire display for closer examination. The Video Enlarger, Video Zoom, Video Magnifier can operate on a live video picture or image or one frozen in its display memory.

The video zoom ratio is controlled in 64 steps from 1:1 to 10:1 by means of a knob. Any portion of the input video picture or image may be selected for enlargement or magnification using four pushbutton position controls that move the selected region up, down, left, or right.

The freeze function can be invoked by means of a front panel switch or a contact closure at the unit's external freeze input. A bypass switch allows viewing of the full input picture without disturbing zoom and freeze settings.

An additional switch provides filtering of motion artifact caused by the interlaced nature of NTSC video. This is useful when features in the picture can not be held motionless long enough for the unit to freeze an image.


425C & 425CS: Video Enlarger, Video Zoom, & Video Magnifier
    1:1 to 10:1 Electronic Video Zoom
    View Live or Frozen Video Image
    Select Area of Video Image to Magnify
    NTSC Compatible
Video Enlarger, Video Zoom, Video Magnifier with Optional Rackmount

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