High Definition Video Circle Generator
DVI-D, HD-SDI In/DVI Out, or VGA (Component) - 624 Series

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  • Superimpose up to Two Circles and a Crosshair Simultaneously
  • Adjustable Size for Each or All Objects
  • Eight Colors Individually or Collectively Selectable for Each Object
  • Adjustable Line Width for Each or All Objects
  • Adjustable Line Shadowing for Each or All Objects
  • Adjustable Line Intensity for Each or All Objects
  • Adjustable Position for All Objects
  • Objects Always Concentric

The 624 Series High Definition Video Circle and Crosshair Overlay Generators allow you to overlay a video circle and crosshair pattern and provides a highly stable means to superimpose an adjustable video circle and cross hair or cross line pattern onto high definition HD-SDI, DVI-D, or VGA (component analog) video signals.

Models with similar functionality:

The 624D Series (pictured), can overlay two concentric video circles centered on a crosshair.

Pattern size and position are user controllable. The crosshair or crossline is always positioned at the center of the circle(s). Each object can be individually turned on or off. Circles and crosslines can be set to White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, or Off. The objects' lines can be shadowed to improve their visibility against similarly colored picture content. Outline width (thickness) and intensity are adjustable.

Examples of possible pattern combinations

When connecting the DD624S or DD624DS Hi-Def High Definition Video Circle Generators to an HDMI device, we recommend using a 6 foot Male DVI to Male HDMI Cable or Adapter.

  • Available for DVI-D, HD-SDI Input with DVI Output, VGA (Analog Component RGB), or YUV Video; Specify when ordering

Specifications Online Ordering & Prices
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